Gypsy Soul

Here's my design for the first assignment for Lilla Rogers GTS 2016.  I had a wonderful time coming up with this collection!  Would you enjoy a plate and teacup like this??

garden inspiration

I have a new front yard friend!!  This beautiful creature was romping around my front yard the other day.  I was struck by it's color, size, and graceful movements.  I love these little delights when I take the time to slow down and notice to little world growing & crawling around my garden :)

Perhaps some inspiration for a new illustration.  We'll see...

7 tips for the young artist

I wrote these for a talk I gave about a year ago with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara.  I'm revisiting these today and thought they were worth sharing.  I think I was needing the reminder too ;)  ENJOY

tips for the young artist.jpg



GTS Contest

This year I registered for the GTS contest put on by Lilla Rodgers Studio.  It is something I've followed and kept an eye on for a few years, so this year I decided to jump right in.  I'm currently working on prompt/assignment #1.  I'm not going to say too much about the assignment... but I will say that my inner francophile  is just absolutely heureuse!!   Here are some images and gatherings from my home that are inspiring my initial designs for assignment #1 :)   stay tuned for more...

Welcome! Bienvenue!

For years I've had my illustration portfolio as part as my fine art website, but the day has come to give my illustration and design work it's own deserved space.  I'm excited about the new website.  Stay tuned for news, sketches, inspiration...etc.   

Sommer Sheffield Studio